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April 30, 2016

Dear Jennifer Wright,

The Oklahoma Alpha chapter of Pi Phi was so excited to hear that one of our very own was opening the Kate Spade in Tulsa Woodland Hills mall. The women of OU Pi Phi are very proud to call you a sister. On behalf of Pi Phi, we want to support you and your business in this exciting endeavor. If you ever need members to try out your products or fill out consumer surveys, we would love to be of service.

These last ten years since you graduated from OU have been a very exciting time period for our chapter. In 2015, President Boren presented Pi Phi with the President’s Trophy award for “Outstanding Campus Activities”, which I know you recognize as a great honor. Also in 2015, Pi Phi received second place in Homecoming, second place in University Sing, second place in Sooner Scandals and first place in Soonerthon’s Miracle Cup. This year, President Boren presented Pi Phi with the President’s Trophy Runner Up award, which means we excelled in campus activities, community service and academics. In addition to President’s Trophy recognition, we received third place in Homecoming, second place in Sooner Scandals and received the Soonerthon award for raising the most money for Soonerthon during Scandals weekend.

In addition to campus awards, Pi Phi has played a monumental role in Soonerthon these last few years. Two of our members have been the Soonerthon chairperson and about 20 members have been serving on Soonerthon Executive Council each year. In 2015, Pi Phi Jessica Freeman led Soonerthon to reach a record-breaking level of over half a million dollars, which made Soonerthon the No. 1 donor to the Oklahoma City Children’s Hospital. Pi Phi women haven’t just invested in the leadership of Soonerthon, but also in the children themselves. This year, Pi Phi invited our miracle child Parker to a slumber party at the Pi Phi house. Every member called her “Princess Parker” and she spent the night in the Presidential Suite. It was a very special night for Parker and the women of Pi Phi.

As you can see, Pi Phi has continued to grow as a chapter and challenge one another to live out our founding values. We are positive you and your pledge class’ character had much to do with our present success. Although you are no longer a student at OU, we would love for you to stay in touch with our chapter, be updated on all the great things your fellow sisters are doing at OU and be aware of future alumni events which we would be honored for you to attend. Please follow us on social media to stay in touch with our chapter and if you ever want to get in contact with someone directly you can email

Tumblr: @oklahomapibetaphi

Instagram: @OUpibetaphi

Twitter: @OUpibetaphi

Thank you for your time and congratulations on the opening of Kate Spade,

The Oklahoma Alpha chapter of Pi Beta Phi


Google Voice:

Thank you for calling the Oklahoma Alpha chapter of Pi Beta Phi-we are very sorry we missed your call. Please leave your name and number so one of our lovely Pi Phi angels can return your call as soon as possible. Thank you and have a wonderful day.



Hi, this is Lindsay Briggs, the chapter president of Pi Beta Phi here at the University of Oklahoma. We are very excited for your visit today.

  • In one mile please prepare to turn left
  • Turn left at the upcoming stoplight
  • In one mile please prepare to turn right
  • Take a right at the upcoming stoplight

Welcome to the Pi Beta Phi house-home to 93 Pi Phi women. We are happy to have you here and hope you enjoy your time in our lovely home. Goodbye and have a wonderful day.

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