Media Pitch

As an intern for Resolute PR, I wrote a media pitch for their client Emergency Infant Services (EIS) to high-light the services EIS provides, the impactful volunteers and the need for more volunteers. 

Tulsa Teacher Continues to Shine a Light with Children in Tulsa

In our community, 55 percent of children live below the poverty and one-in-three families experience diaper need. Many Tulsa kids are in need of community support and former Holland Hall teacher, Sandra Brown, is doing what she can to support those in need. Emergency Infant Services (EIS) is a nonprofit organization that assists over 17,000 infants and toddlers in the Tulsa community and since her retirement, Brown has consistently volunteered for EIS every Wednesday. 25 years of impacting kids through education wasn’t enough for Sandra Brown. With Kristen Blank, one of her best friends of 50 years, Brown enjoys serving EIS because it directly benefits kids in her surrounding community and is able to visibly see the difference her volunteering is making in the lives of families.

This pair both carry a soft spot for children due to their previous careers in education and the medical field. This shared passion for helping others allows them to feed off of each other every Wednesday at EIS as they keep items stocked, gather donations and help parents find the items their children need. Brown never questioned how she wanted to spend her time in retirement. Volunteering for EIS was always her plan as she has been familiar with this organization since its beginning through her close relationship with the founder. EIS enabled this favorite Holland Hall teacher to stay in contact with previous students and their families as many of them are EIS volunteers. Sandra Brown’s active involvement in EIS has permitted her to continue impacting the lives of many children in the Tulsa community.

If you are interested in covering this story, I can help arrange an interview with Sandra Brown.  Please contact me at for further details and information.