Community Projects

Halliburton Employees Federal Credit Union

In the Gaylord College Capstone course, my team designed community involvement projects for Halliburton Employees Federal Credit Union to implement in 2018 calendar year.

Teacher Appreciation Contest

The contest moderated by Endurance Federal Credit Union will consist of community members submitting a written blurb about their favorite teacher in the Duncan Public Schools system. Endurance Federal Credit Union will select the top five submissions. Endurance will put the teacher’s name and the submission blurb online where the community can vote on their favorite submission. The winning teacher will receive a large gift card and gift basket provided by Endurance. All other teachers featured in submissions will receive a smaller gift basket. HEFCU is largely involved in the Duncan community and within the Public Schools system, but according to research, the community doesn’t understand the involvement because they don’t see HEFCU writing a check. This contest will allow the community to see the new brand’s involvement. This tactic will help the organization to interact with the key public of millennials as well as older members as all people in Duncan will have the opportunity to participate in the contest. This level of impact will be much higher than only a monetary donation, because it’s more visible to the community.

The campaign will launch on May 1, 2018 and will last until May 15, 2018.  It will launch during this time period because it falls upon Teacher Appreciation Week.  This contest will be promoted on all social media platforms, by publishing a press release in the local paper and providing a flyer to public schools to hang up throughout their buildings.



Piggy Bank

Endurance Federal Credit Union will give out free piggy banks featuring Endurance’s logo to promote saving and the opening of youth accounts.  There will be a designated day every sixth months called “Piggy Pay Day” where kids are encouraged to bring their piggy banks into Endurance Federal Credit Union to be counted for no additional charge.  After the money is counted, Endurance will ask whether they want to open a youth account and deposit their money. The kid with the most money saved up will receive a prize. This will have a high level of impact on the general public’s awareness of Endurance Federal Credit union and an increase in the opening of youth accounts.  

This campaign will launch in March and will continue throughout the year. It will be promoted through social media, publishing press releases in local papers and flyers given to public schools.


Get Paid for Your A’s

Endurance Federal Credit Union will give middle-school, high-school and college students $20 for every A they receive on a report card.  Students are required to bring a copy of their report card with their name printed on it and a method of identification (school ID or driver’s license) to receive their cash prize.  This tactic will generate brand awareness and positive attitudes towards Endurance Federal Credit Union.

This campaign will launch August 1, 2018 and last throughout the month. This campaign will be promoted through Instagram advertising, Chegg advertising and publishing press releases in local papers.